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Learning technology alone may be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time encountering a new app or device. HIVE will be your guiding hand, making sure that you become more confident in using your daily digital devices.

Advantages of HIVE

Making it easier for you to integrate technology into your everyday lives.

Through HIVE, we aim to help make it easier for people to integrate technology into their daily lives. The way we intend to do this is by giving people the right resources and guidance to learn more about how technology works.

Arm yourself with technological knowledge in everyday lives

With HIVE, the resources are vast and comprehensive in understanding how technology works.

Anyone, regardless of age, can get the help they need

Learning is a lifelong activity. HIVE provides a virtual library for the whole family to explore together or individually.

HIVE makes it easier for you to keep on learning

Our resources are tailor-fit to your preferences, giving you things that are relevant to your needs.


Services that go beyond, maximizing the potentials of remote productivity


Services that go beyond, maximizing the potentials of remote productivity

What we do

Learning is a lifelong process. It’s never too late to learn about smartphones or social media now. There’s no shame in not knowing. What’s more shameful is turning down an opportunity to learn.


No matter who uses our service, we will not only ensure that we help address the customer’s needs, but will also help them end up having an easy and enjoyable.


A lack of knowledge shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the technology you encounter daily. WE R believes that you can! Sometimes, you need the right help to see that yourself.


Giving you the resources necessary to make technology work for you!

With HIVE, you get the resources you need for your specific technological needs.

Easy sign-up process

Highly interactive platform

Tailors resources to fit your needs

Gives you access to a vast library of resources

Talk to HIVE

A voice command feature that makes it easier for you to give feedback regarding your specific needs.

Coming soon!


Giving you the tools to enhance your life by making technology more inclusive

HIVE gives you resources to help you become more technologically savvy and digitally victorious

Mood-based Personalization

Giving you carefully selected resources to help resolve your digital dilemmas or reach your technological learning goals.

Direct Communication Channels

We know how important you are, so we’re giving you the opportunity to voice out any concerns directly to us through our available communication channels!

HIVE Community

Open forums to discuss your digital dilemmas with other Bees within the HIVE community, furthering everyone’s learning!


Empowerment through education, knowledge for all!

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WE R provides administrative services, social media management, content writing, content moderation, IT & Web Services Support, and technology education that goes above and beyond. No matter what it is, we are ready! Get in touch with us today!

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